Barrier Bifurcation Division Gate Hydraulic Cylinder


Introducing the Barrier Bifurcation Division Gate Hydraulic Cylinder ?C a new and innovative product designed with the most advanced hydraulic technology. This hydraulic cylinder offers a unique solution for a diverse range of industries such as manufacturing, construction and energy & mining. With its robust build and high capacity, this hydraulic cylinder is indispensable in operations that require precision and power.

Product Details and Specifications

The Barrier Bifurcation Division Gate Hydraulic Cylinder is thoughtfully designed with a standard structure of a Piston Cylinder. It is built with high-quality steel, making it sturdy and durable. The body color comes in black, yellow, and blue, and customization is available upon request.

Product Name HSG Series Hydraulic Cylinder
Working Pressure 7/14/16/21/31.5MPa 37.5/63MPa Can be Customized
Material Aluminum, Cast Iron, 45mnb Steel, Stainless Steel
Bore Size 40mm--320mm, Customizable
Shaft Diameter 20mm--220mm, Customizable

Unique Features and Advantages

The Barrier Bifurcation Division Gate Hydraulic Cylinder is engineered for efficiency and reliability. It is designed to work under a range of working temperatures from -20~80??, and pressure from 7Mpa~31.5Mpa. It is also compatible with water glycol and oil as the working medium, making it versatile for various applications.

Maintenance and Care

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the Barrier Bifurcation Division Gate Hydraulic Cylinder involves regular maintenance. This includes monitoring the working temperature and pressure, and conducting regular inspections for any potential issues.

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Hydraulic Cylinders and Power Units

The Barrier Bifurcation Division Gate Hydraulic Cylinder and power units are integral components of hydraulic systems. They work together to ensure the wide application of hydraulic technology in various industries, providing reliable power and control support for various engineering and mechanical equipment. The hydraulic cylinder, as the actuator, is responsible for converting hydraulic energy into mechanical motion, transforming pressure into force. The power unit is the core that provides the energy and control signals required by the hydraulic system. Their coordination ensures the normal operation of the hydraulic system. We also provide power units for sale.

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We are an experienced supplier and manufacturer of forklift hydraulic cylinders in China. The products mainly include forklift lift hydraulic cylinders, forklift steering cylinders, forklift tilt cylinders, design capacity of 200,000 sets, and 300 sets of all kinds of fully automatic CNC production equipment and automatic hydraulic cylinder assembly equipment. In addition, we also supply the power units for forklift hydraulic cylinders. And welcome customers to customize with drawings or samples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I customize the color of the hydraulic cylinder?

A: Yes, we offer customization for the color of the hydraulic cylinder.

Q2: What maintenance is required for the hydraulic cylinder?

A: Regular inspections and monitoring of the working temperature and pressure are recommended.

Q3: What is the delivery time for the hydraulic cylinder?

A: The delivery time is typically 7-15 days, depending on the product requirements and quantity.

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